1) "Opus or the shortened form op. after the title of a piece of music means “work”. It is followed by a number. When a composer writes his or her first piece of music it could be called “opus 1”. The next composition would then be called “opus 2”, etc." 2) Opus like opium poppy. Hand made from brass, fresh water pearls and with sterling silver scrolls and posts in our London studio. Brilliantly easy to look after, each pair comes with a polishing cloth & a small cutting of wire wool, which can be used much in the same way as the cloth, but works abrasively to remove the gradual process of oxidisation and works to retain the satin gold colour of the brass.


*Bead Style*

Long Biwa and Round Pearl, Tiffany Green Sea Glass & Pearl or Lilac Sea Glass and Pearl.


WS — The Opus Earrings

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